John J. Harvey

John J. Harvey is the composer and performer of The Tale of the Sands: A Tone Poem. John began his musical education at an early age, studying under the renowned piano teacher Iain Greg. Having passed with distinction all courses at the Royal College of Music in London, he continued his studies at the University of Hertfordshire. Studying under Del Halsall, he received a BSc degree in Music Composition and Technology in 2008.

John specializes in classical and modern styles including rock, industrial, and many other genres. He plays piano, drums, guitar, and bass guitar, and has performed with numerous live stage acts over the years. His track, "Remote" is the theme music for the 2008 indie film release, "Jack Says" starring the late Mike Reid. He is currently Song Writer and Composer for IFMP (Los Angeles), M2Q (Montreal). West One Music (London), Sync Tracks (London), Northstar Publishing (UK), and Scruffy Bear Productions (UK). He specializes in soundtrack, soundtrack composition, music writing, recording, mixing, music business, and sound design. He is on the web at

Terry Williams

Terry Williams produced The Tale of the Sands: A Tone Poem. A native of Los Angeles, he pursued music and science in his youth. He chose to go into science as a career and graduated with a B.A. in biology and a Ph.D in molecular biology/biochemisry from the University of California. His professional life includes academic, biotechnology, and clinical research in cancer therapy. Along the way, he continued his musical development, learning a number of different instruments as well as audio engineering and recording techniques.

Terry currently resides in Southern California and works in the field of clinical research. His current interests center around the use of computers and digital technology in music production, and web design for musicians and artists. He has created numerous websites including Classical Matters, an online showcase for classical musicians and composers, and Classical is Cool, a website centered on stimulating interest in classical music in students. He also has a special interest in developing innovative musical works for integration with the narration of traditional tales and stories.

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